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Our freelancers

Designer Colin Matthews
With a passion for design, photography and all things 'Apple' related, Colin has built up a reputation over 15 years for his logo design, digital imagery and technical computer skills. The way he works is clean, simple and practical. He loves to bring his creative input and expertise to all kinds of projects large or small.

Illustrator Kathryn Nichols
Kathryn is a successful young illustrator, passionate about presenting information in a visually exciting way. Her meticulous work combines traditional and digital media and her attention to detail ensures a high level of accuracy.

Assistant editor Katy Charge
With 15 years' experience as an editor, designer and proofreader, Katy has approached a range of publishing disciplines, from local interest and history to global economic reports, with the same care and attention to detail. Working with Naomi since 2001, she has long shared her passion for the written word.

Marketing consultant Jo Laver
As a freelance marketing consultant with many years' experience in regional press, Jo understands the diverse needs of the small- to medium-sized enterprise, and the importance of making every penny count. Her creative approach has helped businesses to strengthen their marketing operations and secured highly effective publicity across many sectors.

Designer Natasha Acres
A marketing-led designer heading up Wow Creative and with over 20 years in the industry, Natasha creates design solutions and illustrations with the clients' aims always at the forefront. Never one to make something just look pretty it's all about hitting the mark and delivering results.

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